Mission and Vision


We are a church called by Jesus Christ to teach, serve, and witness in love to our community and to one another. Our desire is to know Jesus more fully and to make Him more fully known as the Spirit transforms our lives into Christ’s character.


Acknowledging the gospel’s call, hearing the expressed needs and desires of the congregation, and recognizing this church’s unique relationships with Pepperdine University and the American Restoration Movement, we accept that we are uniquely equipped and prepared to achieve a fuller understanding of God’s word; cultivate a deeper fellowship with one another; gain clearer insight into God’s saving grace; and provide a powerful ministry to college students. We intend to offer and participate in worship that honors God and fully engages the minds and hearts of the members of the University Church. We commit to becoming a more powerful source of God’s redemptive message so that we may through His son Jesus Christ help provide spiritual renewal and support to the Pepperdine community, to the less fortunate, and to all the communities we serve.

Respond, Prepare, Support, Engage, and Integrate

We will prepare the church spiritually to accept the great challenge of the ministry ahead.

Specifically, we will select elders, ministry leaders, and members to respond to the call of this vision.

We will prepare the church structurally and financially to support the ministries needed to strengthen its various communities (University students, campus residents, and Malibu
neighbors, among others) according to their need.

We will engage the various communities of the church meaningfully and consistently so that they may receive and respond to the gospel.

We will prepare the church spiritually and practically to support those who respond to the call of the gospel.

We will integrate newcomers into the heart of our community and the work of discipleship.

Our Short Term Approach

Implement a new ministry structure similar to that described on the next page.

Engage in the elder selection process during the 2011 calendar year.
Select a “minister for community engagement” to identify opportunities for the church to be of greater service to its various
communities. This ministry volunteer would work closely with both the service and missions ministries to advance the mission of the church.

Explore the possibility of reaching out to the Malibu community more effectively through a new off-campus initiative that would create a space for spiritual conversations and transformation as well as other outreach possibilities.

Select an active and diverse worship committee to help design biblically-rich, God-centered, and spiritually-evocative worship services that encourage openness and transparency and that foster strong community ties.

Consider whether to revert to our former name—“the Malibu Church of Christ.” 

Initiate an annual ministry and leadership evaluation process.

Our LongerTerm Approach

Organize geographically-based fellowship and outreach groups.

Involve every student and resident member in the work of the church and its ministries.

Better align campus ministry interns and student members with core ministries of the church to encourage integration and participation of college students in the congregation’s standing ministries.

Strengthen our association with SOS, Malibu Labor Exchange, The Artifac Tree, Manna, and similar organizations as a means of establishing better relationships with people in need and providing community leadership and coordination.

Provide each member with simple and easy resources to develop a spiritual growth plan that emphasizes personal spiritual disciplines, biblical knowledge, fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.

Continue developing a team of student members who will coordinate Bible studies on campus for non-Christians (Seaver and graduate students).

Increase member participation in ministry to our college students.